Speaking Directly



Use Landing Pages to Make Your Direct Mail Work Better

Use a landing page to encourage immediate action, maintain focused involvement in your message and to capture information.

Six Ways To Prepare For Your Year-End Donation Campaign

For nonprofit organizations, the end of the year often sees a surge of donations. People tend to feel more generous during the holiday season, so a well-timed, well-executed giving campaign can yield big results.

Think and Plan Like a Direct Marketer — Backwards

Backwards thinking is actually a great discipline when planning your direct mail and other marketing campaigns.

107 Remarkable Sales Stats That Will Get You Thinking

Here's a remarkable list of statistics about sales and marketing we like re-reading from time to time.

Lindsay Chung Appointed Director, Operations

We are pleased to announce that Lindsay Chung has been appointed as DataCore’s new Director, Operations.

Letters from a Mouse and Other Great Direct Mail Examples

There is nothing as inspiring or educational as examples of how others have made creative use of direct mail to achieve their goals. Here are some of our favourites.

It’s Spring, Time to Rejuvenate Your Direct Mail!

It’s the perfect time to take a look at your direct mail program and test out some new ideas to give your direct mail new life and your results a boost.

Why the Neglected Direct Mail Letter Could Be Your Secret Weapon

The direct mail letter is the most potent and persuasive weapon a Personalized Mailing can contain. So why do some mailers fail to take advantage of its power?

DataCore Welcomes Mikes Podmore

Direct Marketing veteran Mike Podmore joins the DataCore team as Senior Client Development Manager