Speaking Directly


“Direct Mail Can Be Disruptive Marketing,” says Amex Director

In an interview posted on the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) website, Jon Affatato, Director of Global Operations at American Express, spoke about the power and relevance of direct mail.

He has some refreshing insights and puts direct mail into context along with other media. Some of our favourite quotes from the interview:

“The consumer marketing table became crowded and noisy, so direct mail decided to take out the folding bridge table from the closet and sit by himself, not far from the other guys. So if you want to have a slower, deeper conversation with customers, you can sit at the bridge table with direct mail.”

“Direct mail also grabs the millennials’ attention. The format of our American Express Green Card direct mail mimics the feel of a digital communication. But because people slow down and engage with physical content more thoughtfully, they are more likely to understand and remember the benefits of your product or service.”

Here’s the full interview.