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Gail Algoso Appointed DataCore’s Manager, Service & Technology

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Gail Algoso as DataCore’s new Manager, Service & Technology.

In this new role, Gail will be stewarding the efforts of our Client Service team as they coordinate our clients’ work. Gail will also be leading our data solutions capabilities and team, providing clients the data management solutions that help drive their direct marketing efforts.

After spending several years in production and almost 10 years in customer service, Gail feels that she practically grew up with DataCore. “Sometimes, I feel like the company is my second family,” she comments.

Highly popular with many DataCore clients, Gail began at DataCore as a summer student working in mail operations while completing her Civil Engineering degree at UBC. Highly adept with computers and technology, Gail has uniquely blended her penchant for understanding data & processes with an ability to understand clients’ marketing objectives and processes. And all with an above-and-beyond dedication to customer service.

Indeed, Gail has become an expert in just about every aspect of the business, from budgeting and planning, to executing projects and mailing.

One of Gail’s new responsibilities is also to serve as DataCore’s Privacy Officer. In this role, she works continually to improve and augment DataCore’s privacy protocols to safeguard client data. Data has never been in better hands.

“I believe that one of DataCore’s key competitive advantages is that we provide a personal, customized service to our clients,” says Gail. “We work hard to truly understand their needs and how they do things and try to be as flexible as we can in order to make things easier and more efficient for them.”

Gail can be reached at 604-875-8509 ext 242 or by email: gail@datacoremail.com.