Speaking Directly



Gail Algoso Appointed DataCore’s Manager, Service & Technology

Gail Algoso has been appointed as DataCore’s new Manager, Service & Technology.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: VW Makes Makes Things Feel Like Neu

Direct mail encourages new owners to prolong that new-car feeling to increase after-market sales.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Google Keeping Ahead in the Cloud

Hyper-personalized biographies get the attention of hard-to-reach CEOs.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Gothenburg Homeless Aid Creates a Real Eye...

To generate donations, this not-for-profit used a simple letter to dramatize the effect of life on the streets.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Woosh Halves What It Takes

A small New Zealand Telecom takes on the big guys with a clever direct mail approach.

Here’s Your Copy of Canada Post’s Latest Direct Mail Guide

Canada Post has published another great resource guide for direct mail that everyone should read. Get your copy here.

Why Direct Mail Works So Well

We have seen a renaissance of sorts in the use of direct mail because of its measurability, effectiveness, quality experience and because it gets results.

Canada Post Introduces New Mandatory 2D Custom Barcoded Postal Indicia

Canada Post is introducing a change to postal indicias that will become mandatory as of April 2021 and will apply to Personalized Mail, Postal Code Targeting, Incentive Lettermail and Lettermail. The change involves the bar code that appears within the postal indicia. Until now, this code has been generic. When scanned through Canada Post equipment,

Charitable Tax Receipt Mailings Now Qualify for Lower Postage Rates

Canada Post has made it possible for charitable tax receipts to qualify as Personalized Mail, saving not-for-profits money.

Canada Post Postage Increases for 2021

Canada Post has let us know that postage rates will increase as of January 11, 2021. For Personalized Mail™ mailing (machineable, up to 50g weight, standard dimensions and thickness), postage will increase to 50.5¢ ($0.505) per piece. Postal Code Targeting mailings that are standard up to 50g weight will be 32.7¢ ($0.327) per piece. Postage