Lindsay Chung Appointed Director, Operations

Lindsay Chung will now direct and support DataCore’s production and operations.

Lindsay Chung Appointed Director, Operations

We are pleased to announce that Lindsay Chung has been appointed as DataCore’s new Director, Operations.

Many of our clients and friends know Lindsay as she has been a key member of our company for over 10 years, serving the needs of a number of clients and accounts, working as lead, second, or behind-the-scenes support.

During her tenure, Lindsay has accumulated a depth of experience in DataCore’s operations as well as in client service. It is valuable experience that she brings to her new position as Director, Operations, a key role in which Lindsay both directs and supports the production and client service teams while also working directly with clients.

Lindsay’s working philosophy is simple and profound: she believes that when our clients are successful, we are successful; that it starts with treating our people right, treating our clients right, and treating their customers right.

Lindsay considers herself a fervent believer in direct marketing. “When done correctly,” she says, “it is a medium that provides meaningful, tangible information and acknowledges the needs and wants of the recipient.”

“We have had great success building our team from the inside,” says Karly Black, Owner and President of DataCore. “We believe it gives us strength as a company and makes us a team that our clients can count on.”

Lindsay can be reached at 604-875-8509 ext 228, via mobile at 604-868-0551 or by email.