Vancouver’s Direct Mail Experts

For more than 35 years, DataCore has been helping organizations
in BC and all across Canada make the most of data-driven, targeted direct mail. Here is what and who makes us who we are.

DataCore_35 Years of Direct Mail

We Are Experienced

In 2020, we celebrated
our 35th anniversary. Over these years, we have helped many, many businesses and organizations connect and communicate with customers, prospects, donors and other audiences with powerful direct mail solutions. And we continue to do so every single day.

We Are Independent

Our female led company is fiercely independent. We are accountable to our clients and to ourselves. That means we make the kind of decisions that can only be made when you know what is going on in the shop and have a deep understanding of who your clients are and what they need.

We Are Local and National

We choose to live in Vancouver and are proud to be part of the business community here.
We are also called upon by clients from all across Canada to help them with their direct mail needs. We handle mail that is going to all parts of our great country as well as into the USA and overseas.

We Are Close to Canada Post…Literally

The unparalleled proximity of our operations to the Canada Post Pacific Processing Centre at the Vancouver International Airport gives both our clients and the environment a bit of an edge. We‘re able to get mail into the postal delivery system quicker. Plus there is less driving involved in its transport, so fewer emissions.

Our Partnerships

DataCore is a proud member of organizations devoted to best practices in the printing and direct mail industries.

Meet Our Team