Why Working with a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner Matters

Why Working with a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner Matters

DataCore is one of the few companies in Canada who have been designated by Canada Post as a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner.

This designation is awarded each year to a select group of firms who demonstrate consistently superior performance in a number of areas and who also participate in educational and professional development activities with Canada Post.

So why does it matter if you choose to work with an Expert Partner for your direct mail activity? Here are 7 reasons why you should choose a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner…and DataCore specifically.

1 – Quality Service Delivery. When Canada Post refers you to an Expert Partner like DataCore, it is because they have confidence that we will provide you with solutions and service that are truly expert, reliable and high quality. Canada Post has put us through our paces and is confident that we have the capabilities needed and will deliver what we say we will.

2 – Direct Mail Expertise. You want to make use of the power of direct mail, not necessarily become an expert in every aspect of it yourself. Canada Post knows that. But they also know that you need someone who can provide you with knowledgeable advice, insight and perspective. DataCore is known for our dedication to the use of direct mail as a key element of the marketing mix and our truly expert knowledge and experience.

3 – Mail Preparation Expertise. Having the machinery and staff for managing the preparation of data and mailings is critical of course. But it takes more than that to ensure your project gets planned and executed to run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. It takes knowledge of direct mail production requirements, printing needs, mail preparation requirements, and so much more. You can think of us at DataCore as direct mail geeks…we love the detail, the processes and things to watch out for. We take care of it, so you don’t have to!

4 – Canada Post Expertise. Types of mail, postage and rates, design requirements, size and weight requirements, forms, processes…yes, there is a dizzying array of things you must know to work with Canada post and to prepare mailings for their system. It’s our job to know this stuff and to keep up with the changes.

5 – Commitment to Ongoing Education. As an Expert Partner, DataCore is committed to participate in ongoing Canada Post training, seminars, webinars, service updates and much more. Theirs is a big world that is constantly evolving and changing, so there’s always a lot to learn. It’s also an opportunity for us exchange knowledge and insights with others in the direct mail industry, which benefits our clients.

6 – Canada Post Relationship. Yes, we know people, and people who know other people. Being a member of the top echelon of Canada Post partners means we have quicker access to resources, knowledge bases and services in Canada Post’s world from which our clients can benefit.

7 – Potential Savings. If you know the details of Canada Post regulations, rates and resources, plus you are adept at direct mail production, then you know how to find savings others may miss. DataCore is really good at identifying opportunities for cost-efficiency.

So now you know that as a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner, DataCore is a recommended choice of our country’s mail service corporation!