COVID-19 Update: Time to Re-Emerge?

DataCore is here to help you reach out to your customers.

COVID-19 Update: Time to Re-Emerge?

Here we all are at the edge of June, summer only weeks away now. It’s not over by any means, and we must all remain diligent and vigilant. But we’ve come a long way and, like seeds sprouting, we turn our faces toward the light to cultivate the strength and hope that we once took for granted.

That may sound a touch philosophical for a blog post about business, but we can’t help but allow our enthusiasm to get the best of us!

We’d first like to thank those clients who continued to need our services through this past few months. We had to do things differently, but we worked together and made it happen. For that, we are grateful.

We are also grateful that our staff and their families remain healthy and safe. And all the measures we have taken to try to help them stay that way continue to be in place.

Now we slowly and tentatively begin to look forward.

To our clients and other businesses and organizations, we reach out to let you know that we are here and ready to help you return. It is probably now time to let your own customers and prospects, donors and supporters and clients and accounts know you are there for them and looking forward to serving their needs again.

Direct mail is the breakthrough way to do that. Over these past few months, we have all been overwhelmed with so much digital screen time and messaging that the thoughtful, physical nature of a piece of mail is a most welcome human touch.

There are so many reasons to send your world a message. To let them know your plans – when you will open, how you will open, what you will be offering. To ask for critically-needed support if you are a non-profit organization. To tell everyone about new stock, new products, and new deals. To say thanks to customers, or to those who have been there for all of us throughout this crisis.

We can help you get your message and your mail sorted out. Please reach out via email to, or call us at 604-875-8509 x 221 and we’ll organize a call to figure things out together.

If you are an independent small business, we want to let you know that Canada Post just announced a couple of SmartMail Marketing programs to help you use mail to reach out. One program offers free postage for a standard Neighbourhood Mail mailing of up to 6,000 pieces when you work with a partner like DataCore. The other program offers a significant discount on postage combined with a discount on Google Ads. We can let you know more about these programs when we chat.

Stay healthy and take care!