A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Google Keeping Ahead in the Cloud

Hyper-personalized biographies get the attention of hard-to-reach CEOs.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Google Keeping Ahead in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services dominates on-demand cloud computing. To compete, Google is investing heavily and wants to attract enterprise customers. To sell the idea of digital transformation, Google Cloud reached out directly to the most unreachable top executives in France and told them about the power of Google Cloud for Business.

Selecting 10 high-profile CEOs from 10 very different industries, they sent them each a book. These were biographies of anticipation – the plausible future professional life stories of these top executives, based on data analysis of their markets.

Vast quantities of data were fed into Google Cloud to predict what the next 10 years will look like. Expert ghostwriters then turned the predictions into 10 unique biographies. Renowned economist Jacques Attali wrote the foreword and artist Alix d’Anselme painted portraits for the front covers. The 60-page books were printed, bound and delivered.

Not cheap. But the rewards for getting a decision maker to choose your enterprise solution in this growth market are eye-wateringly substantial. The more data poured into the writing of the books, the more compelling the stories would become. Combining the power of a physical, tactile, personalized book with the ability of direct mail to get through to the unreachable, Google Cloud was able to change the face of prospecting. And, in the early days of the campaign, two of the CEOs had already signed up for Google Cloud for Business, proving that this cloud has a silver lining.

CLIENT: Google Cloud | PRODUCT: Google Cloud for Business | COUNTRY: France | AGENCY: Herezie Group, Paris | AGENCY TEAM: Executive Creative Director Baptiste Clinet | Creatives Joseph Dubruque, Axel Didon, Raphael Stein | PRODUCTION TEAM: TV Producers Elodie Poupeau, Barbara Vaira | Book Editor Maria Felix Frazao | Copy Editor Fabienne Waks | Production Editor Brigitte Trichet | Printer Editis | OTHER: CEO Andrea Stillacci | COO Pierre Callegari Head of Social Media Paul Marty | Managing Partner Arno Pons | Account Manager Diane Darricau

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