A Canada Post Incite Case Story: VW Makes Makes Things Feel Like Neu

Direct mail encourages new owners to prolong that new-car feeling to increase after-market sales.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: VW Makes Makes Things Feel Like Neu

Volkswagen owners are fiercely proud of their vehicles and go to great lengths to care for them. With tens of thousands of Canadians driving a new VW home every year, there was significant opportunity to build on that customer loyalty after the vehicle leaves the lot. Eager to let customers know about its wider range of products and services and, its superb warranty options and accessories, Volkswagen went to work.

To extend the thrill of ownership beyond the original purchase, build customer loyalty and increase its business, the iconic automaker created a personalized welcome package that included the perfect gift for the new car owner. The professional-grade cleaning tool removes tree sap, bird droppings and other stubborn dirt that car washes can’t easily remove. Called Neu (German for “new”), the product prolongs the honeymoon phase of new vehicle ownership, while the package demonstrates there is more to Volkswagen than cars alone.

With an engaging headline – “Take that, pine sap!” – and a thoughtful gift, Volkswagen made it crystal clear how much they value their customers while providing all the information needed to keep their much-loved cars looking and driving like new. The direct mail campaign helped turn customer experience into a long-term relationship while extending brand loyalty. All around, a pretty polished performance!

CLIENT: Volkswagen | PRODUCT: Welcome package | COUNTRY: Canada | AGENCY: TrackDDB Toronto | AGENCY TEAM: Creative Director: Barb Williams | Creative Group Lead/Art Director: Italo Siciliano | Copywriter: Andrew Strachan | Print Production Manager: Tara Greguric

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