Speaking Directly



A Canada Post Incite Case Story: VW Makes Makes Things Feel Like Neu

Direct mail encourages new owners to prolong that new-car feeling to increase after-market sales.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Google Keeping Ahead in the Cloud

Hyper-personalized biographies get the attention of hard-to-reach CEOs.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Gothenburg Homeless Aid Creates a Real Eye...

To generate donations, this not-for-profit used a simple letter to dramatize the effect of life on the streets.

A Canada Post Incite Case Story: Woosh Halves What It Takes

A small New Zealand Telecom takes on the big guys with a clever direct mail approach.

Here’s Your Copy of Canada Post’s Latest Direct Mail Guide

Canada Post has published another great resource guide for direct mail that everyone should read. Get your copy here.

We’re Loving These Canada Post Marketing Solutions Booklets

Our friends at Canada Post have created a great new series of booklets to help businesses of all types discover marketing solutions that are right for them

COVID-19 Update: Time to Re-Emerge?

Here we all are at the edge of June, summer only weeks away now. It’s not over by any means, and we must all remain diligent and vigilant. But we’ve come a long way and, like seeds sprouting, we turn our faces toward the light to cultivate the strength and hope that we once took

DataCore is Open for Business and Ready to Help

DataCore remains open and able to provide uninterrupted service for our clients and any organization with critical mailing needs during this unprecedented situation.