Canada Post has made it possible for charitable tax receipts to qualify as Personalized Mail, saving not-for-profits money.

Charitable Tax Receipt Mailings Now Qualify for Lower Postage Rates

Here is great news for all Canadian not-for-profit organizations.

Canada Post has finally changed its policy and will now allow charitable tax receipts to qualify as Personalized Mail. This change is effective immediately and has one condition — the mailing must also include a thank you to the donor and a solicitation for future donations. (Tax receipts mailed by themselves are still subject to Lettermail postage rates.)

This means that tax receipts can now be mailed at substantial postage savings. This is a change for which DataCore has been lobbying Canada Post for a long time.

We have always recommended that our clients use their tax receipt communications as an opportunity to further bond with their donors and to ask for additional support. Direct mail is the best choice to do this as it is more personal and has more meaning to donors because of its physical nature.

DataCore can help you take advantage of this new Canada Post policy with a cost-efficient direct mail package that lets you make the most of this opportunity to connect with your donors. Get in touch with Mike Podmore for more information by email or by phone at 604-481-4351.