New Postage Rates for 2024

Canada Post Announces New Postage Rates Effective January 8, 2024

Canada Post has announced changes to postage rates for 2024 effective on January 8th.  Here’s what you need to know.

Personalized Mail™ 

Personalized Mail, specifically machineable mail up to 50g with a postal indicia, will increase by just over 2.4% from $0.525 (52.5¢) to $0.538 (53.8¢) per piece. 

Postal Code Targeting™ 

The 2023 rate for PCT (Postal Code Targeting) did not see a big uncrease form 2022. But for 2024, the rate for a standard piece up to 50g will increase by 4.9%, from $0.347 (34.7¢) to $0.364 (36.4¢).

Neighbourhood Mail™ Prices

Neighbourhood Mail goes up by about 2.3%. The rate for a standard piece up to 50g will increase from $.0176 (17.6¢) to $.018 (18.0¢). 

Lettermail™ and Incentive Lettermail™

For the second year in a row, there are no increases to Lettermail and Incentive Lettermail rates. For 2024, a single postage stamp remains at $1.07 while the rate for a postal indicia or meter stays at $0.92 (92.0¢). Machineable Incentive Lettermail up to 30g stays at $0.91 (91.0¢).

We have put together a PDF containing all the new 2024 Canada Post rate sheets for all categories (including ones not highlighted here) which you can download here:

Postage Rates Jan 8, 2024