When People Move, They Buy. Here’s How to Take Advantage of It.

Moving is linked to life milestones that are triggers for major spending. Direct mail lets you talk to them at just the right time.

When People Move, They Buy. Here’s How to Take Advantage of It.

There are life events that are known to be major triggers for a whole series of consumer activities and purchases. Moving is not only one of these life changing events in itself, but Canada Post research shows that 77% of Canadians move because of another positive milestone. Events like getting married, having a baby, getting a new job, and others.

All of that makes movers a really attractive target market.

When consumers make important life decisions or are in a state of change, these milestones tend to define their spending habits. A newly married couple may be ready to furnish their new home. Or a recent college graduate may be in market for a new vehicle. Whatever the circumstance, marketers can leverage them by sending offers to coincide with these moments.

Research shows that movers are a high spending segment ― $6,640 average household spend over the course of a move. When people move, they establish new shopping habits and new loyalties. So it’s the optimal time to make a connection with them. The numbers show it:

· 82% are moving from their current neighbourhood

· 81% are willing to try new products

· 73% are willing to switch to providers that are closer to their new home or more convenient

Canada Post Helps You Connect with Movers

What better way to reach and connect with new movers than with direct mail. Canada Post has the data to help you do just that, with three data sources you can target.

Just Listed/Just Sold    

Just Listed are residential properties that are currently listed for sale, including those that are new listings. Just Sold are properties that are no longer listed because they have just been sold. Both these groups represent an opportunity to target families before they move to a new location, with many such moves being 30-90 days in the future.

New Occupants

Connect with consumers as they are settling into their new home or apartment. This data is proprietary to Canada Post and is derived from their Mail Forwarding service.

New Addresses

Extend the reach of your new mover marketing campaign by adding in the new housing/multi-housing developments that are receiving mail for the first time.

Because mover data is precise to the address level, it is best leveraged using Personalized Mail. It can be further enhanced with overlays of geodemographic, lifestyle and other data available via Canada Post.

If you’d like to explore how this and other data can be leveraged in your business to create powerful direct mail campaigns, invite us to spend some time with you. Send us an email today.